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> << > 6 books a week? Can you give me an autograph or let me take a picture
> > with you? Pretty amazing.
> Nah, just the result of growing up as an introverted geek. >>
> Where do you FIND 6 books a week? I go into Barnes and Nobles and everything
> I'm interested in I already own.
> And I agree 6 books a week is no big deal...if i can get it...I'll read
> it...books are remarkabley portable...and there's spare minutes scattered
> althrough a day..a paragraph here...a page there...and pretty soon....another
> one bites the dust.
> EvMick

Granted these days about 90% of what I read is SF, but I did just read
Drew Carey's book "Dirty Jokes and Beer", which though the first half
is a light as any comedian's book, the second half is short stories that
are rather dark and interesting. I just went through the Corel Ventura 7
Official Guide, while dealing with multiple "known bugs" in the
software, like frame anchors not staying where they are supposed to in
my 1200 page publication.

SF is the only place where I can find new ideas that someone isn't
trying to bury under umpty million syllables of latin-ish scientificese.
Why do highly skilled and specialized scientists insist on writing about
their discoveries in nomenclature and acronyms that only someone also in
their own highly specialized field would understand? No wonder there
isn't much cross fertilization.

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