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> Maybe I'm coming to this debate late, but most religious people see
> Genesis as a highly metaphorical book of the Bible. I would think only
> radical fundamentalists and Danikenites would be so literal about it.
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> And EvMick adds:
> Sorry I must disagree...I was brought up Church of Christ...and I was
> familiar with SoutherN Baptist...(20 yrs ago) to a limited extent...They
> beleive the entire bible is literal..
> Where it contradicts itself they beleive the fault is in the reader...
> That's on Sunday...on every other day they have alternative beleifs...or if
> not beleifs then they suspend their beleifs for everyday interaction.
> Sad...

Yeah, I was raised Roman Catholic. Well, S. Baptist - Radical
fundamentalist, whats the difference here? I mean, being Born Again
isn't any big deal, Catholics do it every Sunday. Most Americans think
the Pope is as strict a christian as you can get, and he just recognised
evolution as the most likely theory, which obviously nullifes the
literal truth of Genesis.

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