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Chris R. Tame (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 16:14:41 +0100

>On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Joao Pedro wrote:
>> Other thing that seem to have bothered was my lack of knowledge and my,
>> primitive, questions. Michael Lorrey wrote:
>> > Doesn't anyone read books anymore? Why do so many people on the net ask
>> > elementary questions which are much more satisfactorily answered by
>> > going to the basic literature rather than by a flurry of incomplete or
>> > sketchy net responses? Who wants to spend time typing in elementary
>> > introductions to basic libertarian thought?
>> I haven't counted all the replies I received but apparently some do.
Actually, the above passage was written by me, not Michael Lorrey. And
the fact is, Joao, that the replies you received (with all due respect
to their posters) were fairly brief and by no means comprehensive. The
points you raised take essays, monographs and books to deal with
adequately. To say that you haven't been persuaded of a position on the
basis of a few brief responses is intellectually foolish. To arrive at a
justifiable conclusion regarding such issues requires much more research
and thought than this.

I may be doing you an injustice, but I get the strong feeling from your
posting that your initial questions were not a serious requst for
information. One sees this all the time on the net. Someone posts a set
of elementary questions about libertaranism or free market economics or
whatever - all of which are actually dealt with in the primary
literature of their respective subjects. When the poster receives some
answers he or she then responds with polemical and ill-considered
arguments, clearly indicating that they were not really making an honest
inquiry in the first place, but were simply looking for an argument.
Which is another reason why many people can't be bothered to reply.

If you are really interested in learning about anything READ BOOKS! If
you think book reading is "boring" you clearly have little interest in
acquiring knowledge.

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