Re: The General Theory of Reproducible Productive Assets

Kennita Watson (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 13:29:16 -0700

<who? -- no attribution> wrote:
>> My first post to the list was a month old. Today's post is only three days
>> old. In between, there were four other posts, as tabulated below, which
>> approached the TEFLON TOPIC from several points of view. This is one topic
>> in which each of us has an interest.
Lee responded:
>I would thank you to let me make my own decisions about what interests
>me, if you don't mind. I think you will find you encourage better
>discussion if you don't tell people what they already think.

Lee, please don't judge <who?> so quickly: I don't think that <who?>
was claiming that you were interested (having curiosity, fascination, or
concern) in the TEFLON TOPIC, but only that you have an interest (right,
claim, share, involvement, or participation) in it. I probably have an
interest in _lots_ of things that I'm not interested in, including
(perhaps to my detriment) the TEFLON TOPIC, whatever that is.

<who?>, this may point out that a *brief* message pointing out to people
what their interest is in the TEFLON TOPIC may generate more interest in


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