META: Philosophy...GOD is an upload

Laws, David (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 19:09:42 -0400

I upload. The powers that be determine that uploaded individuals are no
longer subject to nor responsible for the prevailing laws and cannot
'know' of their origins.

I 'program' a reality where I am 'god'. If not given this ability upon
'conception' I'd develop it. It's in my nature (read 'program').

Would I get bored?

Probably. But I would keep the program where nothing 'bad' happens to
me. For excitement I'd create 'individuals' who would travel to other
'realities' and report back. I would try and 'break in' to those who
tried to keep me out. I'd befriend those I'd enjoyed and very possibly
try and eliminate those I'd consider 'hostile'. I would try and prevent
the 'hostile realities' from knowing my original program. I would
befriend 'friendly' realities. I would let my program run and try to
influence it with my perceptions of 'good and evil' just to see what
happens, changing it when it became too 'un-me'.

Are 'we' in the same thing and just don't know it?

Would this be 'nirvana'? 'Heaven' is anywhere where all occupants think
the exact same way. A very boring concept. I'd want a diversity.

Competition breeds advancement.

I submit these fantasies because the technology is easier to obtain than
the philosophy to deal with it. This is neither to subvert the research
in uploading nor to placate the fanatic.

Perhaps it is the result of my upbringing, the concept of good and evil,
Ying and yang, etc. The results of progression should be examined
before the technology brings the event to bare.

I also abhor the 'reality' that most of our 'laws' are brought forth
from emotion rather than logic.

Once we make 'uploading' a reality it is set in motion, as a law against
loud music applies to hymns as well as to gansta rap music.

We don't know what will happen.

Titans created gods created mankind created ?

-David R. Laws
"A thousand chimpanzees typing on a thousand keyboards for a thousand
years would result in a total waste of resources. A thousand humans
typing on a thousand keyboards for a thousand years would result in a
single masterpiece."