Re: SPACE: Cassini Mission Consequences
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 17:42:11 -0500 (EST)

On 21 Sep 1997, Anders Sandberg wrote:

> I think much of the problem here is due to the fact that humans are
> bad at risk analysis. We tend to worry too much about rare, dramatic
> disasters and too little about common, undramatic problems. So while
> people quarrel about Cassini and nuclear power, they think it is
> quite natural to drive a car or eat all food they like.

This may be because (pre)people were killed by the usual causes,
stavation, predation, pestilence, before the long range risks had time to
mature. With little need to fine tune risk assessment of subtle killers
that work over extended time periods, I can see why the 'Big Ones' would cause
more concern: They stand out. Certainly protecting against even remote risk
provides some advatage while more pertinant and less visible risks go

Michael Bowling

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