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> Thanks for all your replies,

My pleasure.

> Why don't people kill each others? Because there is a law against it,
> make murder legal and you will see people killing each others.
> Why has civilization lasted? IMHO, because there are laws, there is a
> judicial system to prevent anarchy, in anarchy everyone would do what
> they want and that would surely mean the destruction of mankind.
> Civilization doesn't exist because we are good but because institutions
> and persons work very hard at controlling the masses.

Have you ever thought about doing stand up comedy?

> What if some corporation doesn't make enough mistakes to fall, it will
> eventualy take control of the market and then we will all suffer. In a
> free-market, there will be the ones who are better than other at their
> business, what if this persons are a lot better? They'll control
> everything in their area.

How would a company be able to create a monopoly in a free market?

> DuPont, one, if not the, largest producer of CFCs had knowledge of the
> destructive effects of CFCs on the ozone but prevented this from being
> known. There are several sources claiming this. Obviously, if they knew,
> others would too, they just weren't paid attention. Only when persons
> started to die did the governments do something.
> It remaind's me of the mad cow disease, with the information available
> in the 80s it should had been taken measures to prevent people from
> eating cows and yet it continued because economical pressures were more
> important than the thousands that might (we don't know for sure) die
> from the human form of the disease.

Who stopped various organisations who knew of these problems from taking

> Then why shouldn't we build condition so that all can prosper and not
> just a few. It's not a communist ideology, it's a matter of assuring
> basic conditions to everyone, from that to be wealthy is up to them but
> let's at least assure some basic conditions.

Do believe you should be forced to give your money to others?

> If a corporation reaches monopoly in a no-rules world, it won't lose
> easily and we will all suffer. A corporation with a monopoly status will
> have the better research facilities, the better marketing experts, it
> will even have the best criminals to take care of their opposition! It
> will become unstopable.

If a corporation is offering you the best goods at the best prices, why are
you suffering? If it is not, what's to stop another company offering better
goods or lower prices?

> One last thing, extropy is the opposite of entropy. Our goal is to fight
> entropy or disorder and yet you defend complete disorder in the economy.

No. extropy and non-entropy are different things.