Re: SPACE: Cassini Mission Consequences

Natasha V. More (
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 13:20:37 -0500

Thank you Amara and Forrest for responding with such full-bodied facts and
information from both sides of the issue. My head is still spinning from
your immediate and excellent handiwork. It is really amazing that the
Cassini dispute has gone this far. My mind keeps pulling up a scene from
"Contact" where the fanatics are flag-waving their "cause." I'm very
concerned about this mission and what will happen not only with Cassini, but
future missions. If the adversaries are inaccurate in their facts and their
holler is inauthentic -- and it doesn't now get dealt with now, I think
about consequences of such interference with future missions. Especially
since the theme of space has come full circle (so to speak) and the
enthusiasm that we once enjoyed in the 1970s has returned anew.

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