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Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 12:32:24 -0400

Max More wrote:
> At 05:36 PM 9/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >> They make take offense, but I would stand by my view that their belief is
> >> not in accordance with the evidence. Surely you are not suggesting that a
> >> Ph.D. in physics can rationally hold that "every word of the Old Testament
> >> is unvarnished and unmetaphorical fact"? The Earth is only a few thousand
> >> years old? God created Adam and Eve and there was no evolution. Such a
> >> physics Ph.D. would have a faith in both senses of the term -- a belief in
> >> a doctrine, and a belief insensitive to evidence.
> >
> >Actually, he believes that the Universe is several billion years old
> depending
> >on Hubble constant, and that evolution is obviously the explanation for all
> >human biology. In fact, he has exactly your attitude towards creationists
> who
> >make up elaborate reasons why evolution has some tiny flaw.
> Whoa! Now I'm really puzzled. How can he simultaneously believe in the
> literal truth of the BIble and believe in evolution? The Genesis story is
> incompatible with evolution. I suppose he can accept a universe billions of
> years old, but he MUST also believe the earth was created in six days (and
> that God, pooped out after that effort took a day off to recuperate)
> because it clearly says that in the Bible.

Maybe I'm coming to this debate late, but most religious people see
Genesis as a highly metaphorical book of the Bible. I would think only
radical fundamentalists and Danikenites would be so literal about it.

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