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Sat, 20 Sep 1997 11:23:17 -0400 wrote:
> In a message dated 97-09-18 14:25:47 EDT, you write:
> << Doesn't anyone read books anymore? Why do so many people on the net ask
> elementary questions which are much more satisfactorily answered by
> going to the basic literature rather than by a flurry of incomplete or
> sketchy net responses? Who wants to spend time typing in elementary
> introductions to basic libertarian thought?
> >>
> You're being a bit touchy aren't you? Not eveyone has your lofty grasp of
> the basics...or even knows where to look...
> Pretty good way to scare someone off...
> Intentional?

EvMick, the claim "I don't know where to find it" on the internet is
about the most lame excuse an individual can make in this life. About as
bad as claiming to not know how to wipe one's own nose, or other bodily
parts. I'll bet you that there isn't one subject that is on the web that
I can't find with a search engine of my choice.

It all comes down to individuals taking responsibility for their own
education, and respect for others. What do you think the secretary of
state would say if you walked into a Cabinet meeting and asked a basic
question about the Presidency?

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