Re: BIO: Help wanted explaining evolution to students

Keith Elis (
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 03:36:29 -0400

Fred Foldvary wrote:

> If it's so clear, please explain to those of us who are ignorant
> in such matters what "day" means in the original Hebrew and in
> the other references to that word in the Bible. Some scholars
> say that some terms in the Bible are symbolic or metaphors, so
> explain why this incorrect, since it should be clear.

Hmmm. Interesting. Why could not God have spent 6 billion years creating
the universe? A day is day is a day right? But a day can indeed be
metaphorical -- worth a billion years even. But, in the end, IMHO, to
believe Darwin takes faith, just not as much as the faith it takes to
believe the Bible. Who's right? Well, given faith, the one with the
right answer is the one that has more evidence ro make the argument.
That's Darwin, you think? Why is God not on this list?