Anton Sherwood (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 22:22:45 -0700

Eliezer writes
: If you want my recommendation on the genocide problem, here it is:
: If people knew what was going on, if they could see videos of children
: being cut in half by gunfire instead of reading about "ethnic strife",
: there would be enough popular support to send in enough troops to solve
: the problem.

I'd be more sanguine about that if "sending in the troops"
had a better record. Politicians do the sending, after all.

I wrote:
: And I'm not sure that the Weavers actually *hated* Blacks; one
: might have other (crackpot) reasons for believing that God wants
: the races to be separated. But one can't expect an ordinary person
: like Harlan Ellison to grasp such a subtlety.

I left something out. The Weavers, as far as I know, did not
advocate forcible separation of the races (that's a lost cause).
They just separated themselves, taking a voluntary action
at great inconvenience to themselves. But one can't expect a
statist like Harlan Ellison to grasp the distinction between
adopting a solution for oneself and forcing it on others.

: Er, excuse me, I seem to have pushed my own button.

Have I finished now? I think so.

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