the two cultures

Anton Sherwood (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 22:19:36 -0700

Rick Knight writes
: I consider extropians very intelligent and gifted people. It is my
: perception that there are more of what I would classify "engineering"
: mentalities than there are say..."liberal arts" mentalities. [...]
: I know each group can't survive (well) without the other. We are
: polarized but dependent on one another. A yin/yang, right-brain,
: left-brain, positive/negative, zero/one opposites attract type of
: thing. When the artsy-fartsy types (like moi) get too out there, I
: often NEED someone to say "Earth to Rick". When the calculating,
: empirical types reach their version of critical mass, they too need
: some reconnection from "the other side". [...]

Look, Rick, I'm willing to try to understand your language;
I'm willing to try to explain when my language leaves you
scratching your head -- but I'm not going to abandon my kind
of clarity for a clumsy imitation of your kind of warmth.
Don't assume, because of that, that I am ignorant of ethics.

But if I do lack compassion, well - tough shit. I'm not
going to acquire it just because you tell me I ought to.
Does that mean we can't work together?

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