Re: Does a copy know ?

Berrie Staring (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 21:04:35 +0200

Please forgive me my english-grammar,
the spelling checker wasn't working :-)

> At 10:18 16-09-97 +0200 Berrie Staring wrote:
> >I read the other mail also. I think you made several points.
> >But would you go back with me to this example !
> >Basically it comes directly from Ralph C Merkle.
> >My question: will it be me when I wake up ?

Arjen wrote:
> Stop right there.
> *define* 'me' clearly for yourself (and us) and then continue freezing,
> unfreezing and stopping-atoms-in-their-tracks.
> Otherwise you're debating definitions, wich could go on forever - I mean
> that's ok, but not very productive.
> What is *you*. What is uniquely about *you* that sets *you* apart from
> everything else in the universe?. What makes a thing a thing? What it in
> its essence? (Read Marcus Aurelius and Socrates on this).
IMHO this is Not the issue:

ME/YOU = the "structure" ( atoms/quarks/light/energy....whatever !!)
that holds my information, wich I consider as ME

At the moment I don't care what it really is: just 2 things for the thought


1. you can freeze it TOTALY ,as in, no change what so ever
for a period of time.

2. you can record it in a database PERFECT

Then: you destroy the original ( in the same place )
and you build it again perfect , according to the data base.
Will it be the same !
if Yes ?
What is different when you copy the structure

I could be wrong in saying that the matter wich holds my information,
is not of any importance ! I'll accept it as a limit of the discussion.
IMHO: atoms moving in a "reasonable" margin, who togheter form
my brain, are togheter so complex, that it can hold ME, and I know it holds
ME, but I can not really understand it, because my thoughts about
this can't go beyond this structure. All the loose particels togheter
form something so complex that they form randomly ME. But
the particals self are very simple. Therefor you can copy/record
them "exactly" enhough to copy/restore them as ME.
This give's me the problem, that I could be ME twice !

I hope this is of any use,
else I will first read all the suggestions, and shut up for a while :-)



PS: IMHO if you reply with "read this first", how are you going to keep
up with something. When I've read it, the discussion is gone......
When do you have read enhough, to have a conversation ?