Mass killings and popcorn
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 15:08:33 -0400 (EDT)

Rick Knight wrot:

> I watched a documentary about women and witchcraft through the Middle

> Ages up to the beginning of the Renaissance. It is *estimated* that
> some 9 million women were put to death during the European and
> American witchhunts to stamp on wicca and pagan memes in favor of the

> patriarchal institution of Roman Catholicism (I shant call it
> Christianity if only to make the distinction).

Off the subject, but.. I'm currently working on a fictional screenplay about
mordern-day witchhunts (it's actually a satire on the way the government
treats drugs, capital punishment and law, but don't tell anyone until *after*
the contracts are signed). The screenplay's as finished as the rest of them,
but I'm working on some test footage to woo potential producers. After which
I'm going to work on _the big secret extropian project_, which will be
closely followed by the _even bigger pro-anarchy project_. The witchhunter
project is all shaping up nicely, lots of acidic dark humour, a good story
line and strong social comments. And when I get the test reel done, add
unique directing and great cinematography. The biggest problem I'm having
with it is trying to avoid the temptation to have a "there was witchcraft
after all" ending, the potential special effects could be great, but it would
spoil the message.


P.S. The big secret extropian project is currently lacking in the story area,
so I've spared you any details, but I've got some good visuals lined up (I'll
soon be creating a computer generated short as part of the uploading scene.)
The even bigger pro-anarchy project is just *huge*, has the fullest story of
them all and cannot be produced on anything less than _the worlds biggest
bugget_, hence the reason I'm waiting until after I've made something,
producers don't tend to produce big movies from unknown losers (for some

Oh.. and hope I didn't offend anyone with the title change.