Re: Does a copy know ?

Arjen Kamphuis (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 17:08:39 +0200

At 10:18 16-09-97 +0200 Berrie Staring wrote:
>I read the other mail also. I think you made several points.
>But would you go back with me to this example !
>Basically it comes directly from Ralph C Merkle.
>My question: will it be me when I wake up ?

Stop right there.
*define* 'me' clearly for yourself (and us) and then continue freezing,
unfreezing and stopping-atoms-in-their-tracks.

Otherwise you're debating definitions, wich could go on forever - I mean
that's ok, but not very productive.

What is *you*. What is uniquely about *you* that sets *you* apart from
everything else in the universe?. What makes a thing a thing? What it in is
its essence? (Read Marcus Aurelius and Socrates on this).

(IMHO) You should awnser this first and then continue the discussion.

Possibly Max Moore can say this better and clearer than me (I only have a
minor in philosophy).

Arjen Kamphuis

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