Re: Does a copy know ?

Berrie Staring (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 10:18:33 +0200

9/16/97 Geoff wrote:

> I beg to differ: the copy is not you. Unless you have some way of
> superimposing the copy onto the original, the copy will be in a different
> location than the originial. This fact, in itself, is a fundamental
> difference.
> For example... say in a galaxy far, far away there is a planet that
> developed life exactly like ours. On this planet, by pure coincidence,
> there just happens to be a human being *exactly* like you,
> sub-atomic-particle by sub-atomic-particle. Is this person you? I would
> say not, even though he has exactly the same structure as you. As I
> mentioned in an earlier post, I think we should define a person by his
> *history* of structure and history of actions. Obviously, actions should
> be tied to location, so two structurally-identical people performing the
> same actions in different locations are not the same person.
I read the other mail also. I think you made several points.
But would you go back with me to this example !
Basically it comes directly from Ralph C Merkle.
My question: will it be me when I wake up ?
I still think that if you freeze the whole process of mutation in your
Brain, and every (smallest) particle has no movement what so ever.
You have died: and there is this absolute last state of mind frozen in

To give you one example of my opinion:
I freeze a person.
When he is in cryo-suspension.
I put all relevant data in a computer, destroy the
original. Build a new one, and wake him
He will claim, he is the one who went into
The Cryo-suspension.
There is no way this person, will have a memory,
That tells him he has been copied, since I gave
Him the exact brain-pattern where he started with

So the place is the same !
And the time for the Brain activity is frozen !
If this is not ME anymore ! then you consider a person, as more
than an information entity operating in a dynamic-particle-system.
I ask this because, what would be the difference between cleaning
up the freezing damage and make everything new ?
Again: I'm still talking about a PERFECT copy (new build original?)