Re: Eliezer at 18

Anders Sandberg (
14 Sep 1997 12:02:12 +0200

"Rick Knight" <> writes:

> Now, accuracy aside, I thought that was a fascinating notion. So,
> even though people of more agrarian times lived how ever many years, a
> young person in their teens has experiencially far exceeded them in
> many situations. Notwithstanding the sentimental rites of passage we
> put on such things as first kiss, first sex, first job, first car,
> first house..., I think people like Eliezer have assimilated knowledge
> and a perspective that is rare and extraordinary. He also has
> extraordinary tools at his disposal for acquiring vast amounts of
> knowledge, something unprecedented in human civilization.

I agree. In fact, this is something I'm going to speak about at
a conference next week (MASEVR 97, Military Applications of Synthetic
and Virtual Realities). My talk can be found at
It is somewhat "computer centered", but the main idea is that the young
generation is becoming something very different from the previous ones.
I hope I will manage to scare some of the brass with it... ;-)

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