Re: Extropian Views

Anders Sandberg (
14 Sep 1997 11:46:42 +0200

"Holly Pearson" <> writes:

> I will be sure not to accuse you of being human either.

Who wants to be human?

Actually, this is one of my pet irritations with language: being human
can mean both being compassionate (and a lot of other emotions, both
positive and negative but mainly positive) and being of the species
homo sapiens. Usually the meaning is quite clear, but in the minds
of many people the two meanings tend to be tangled up. This causes a
lot of problems since when I explain I do not want to remain human:
many mistake this for a wish to get rid of compassion. Irritating
to have to explain this all the time.

One of the slogans I came up with for Aleph is (in swedish)
"Mermänsklighet och Medmänsklighet!" - compassion and transhumanity!

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