Re: Is cryopreservation a solution?

Arjen Kamphuis (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 03:04:19 +0200

At 15:07 12-09-97 Micheal Butler wrote:
>But consider the life insurance policy as a way of storing up value. At
>maturation, you can convert the polcy to cash. If you die before then (due
>to mishap, not diet or lifestyle), you can get frozen. If people are
>immortal before then, you cash it in early.

Lifestyle... ;-) Right:
If I get myself killed in the next 25 years or so the *overriding*
probability is that it will be on an mountaineering expedition (Kill-rate
is about 1-5% per summit). If this is the case then the chances of my
remains reach a facility in time are nil (if any remains remain, not much
left to suspend when you get hit by an avalanche or make a 1000Ft drop
I guess long-term future is not my primary concern, the next expedition is.

Maybe this is hard to understand for most Extropians but in light of these
facts suspension is not *my* priority.
But I'm meeting with Den Otter (in the flesh, so to speak) tomorrow and I'm
looking forward to talking with him and some other Transhumans/Extropians.

>> This is what I mean. Before signing up (if & when this becomes possible in
>> Holland)
>You mean it's legally impossible in the Netherlands today?

I'n note sure, it's also a matter of availability of a site, none yet exist.
Den Otter has been doing some research on the possibilities for suspension
in Holland.
Den, care to comment?

>> I must be convinced that the best way to spend $50K - $120K is
>> freezing my head then I will.
>It's a hedge. Are you healthy? How much is the government (or are you)
>spending on health insurance? Why, if you're healthy? Isn't there
>something better to do with all that money?

It's not just about me, giving it to the a (carefully selected) development
project in a third-world country might be, in my view, a better way of
spending it. For $100.000 you can have an (very risky) shot at the revival
of one person in a Holland or the US... *or* you can cure a couple of
hundred people in Nepal.
Might not be a bad alternative... It all depends on how various things
I feel that if can help save a life at little expense to myself than it is
my obligation to do so (at least to a certain extent).

But thanx for the concern Micheal, and I'll try to be at the Far Edge Party
if I can make it ;-)

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