Re: Free-Markets: Extro-Nazi's or Extro-Saints?

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} I'm going to make the bold proposal that *The collapse of the World
} Economy is inevitable". Before I support that claim, I want to add

} Because Free-Market Economics is GOOD for COMPANIES (fictitious legal
} entities and BAD for PEOPLE (very real entities).

So he says, as he types away on his computer.

} 'But unemployment is very low - *that* is good for people.'
} Are you sure about that? How do you explain then that most people are
} working harder than ever before just to make ends meet? Real wages
} adjusted for inflation have been sinking for 25 years. Full-time benefited

I've also seen studies claiming that American have more leisure than
they ever had before, but they either take on too many other activities,
or listen to media talking about how little time people have too much.
I withhold judgement.

As for inflation, there's been recent official talk that inflation may
have been overestimated by a percentage point. If this was true in the
past then wages won't be so bad. And considering that electronics,
particularly computers, are a profoundly _de_flationary market, I'm
growing richer every year I can put off buying a computer and use
someone else's instead.

} working Americans feel they have less job security than ever before, are more
} stressed out on the job, and are overworked. The 40-hour workweek is

Of course they feel they have less job security. Every time GM laid off
6000 workers in CarTown, Michigan, it made the front pages. People also
worry about air safety after a big accident while cheerfully driving
around slightly tipsy and without seatbelts.

And I thought lots of the "downsizings" affected middle managers, a
class I have no inherent sympathy for.

} many of my fellow colleagues, I have a conscience and a heart. I care
} about the 80% or humanity I am obsoleting with each line of code I write. I

Farmers used to be far more than 80% of humanity. Mostly obsolete now.

} hear any reasonable talk about compassion or building livingry for the
} majority o humanity that is becoming increasingly unnecessary in the
} free-market. If you don't care extropians, I hope you can bury your conscience

No human need be unnecessary in the absence of orders of magnitude
superior AI. Admittedly being an educated human helps. I can't feel
guilty for knowing more. Besides, I'd be happy to share...

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