Cryonics Viability (from Thought of the Week)

Rick Knight (
Tue, 09 Sep 97 10:36:48 CST

Anders Sandberg writes:

As long as the best we can present is cryonics, I think they will
continue to slip through into oblivion (cryonics, while intellectually
appealing, lacks the necessary emotional "strength" to resist the
very powerful psychological pressures on the old and dying, both
from others and themselves). As soon as we have something that can
be shown to work at least sometimes, then people will come rushing.

Rick Knight:

Ding, ding, ding! Anders wins the big prize. I was having trouble
actually solidifying my position on the viability of present-day
cryonics, given its price tag. Buying into it now is about as much of
a deal as buying real estate on Mars. I don't know if I'd like the
climate but hey, that deep red goes with EVERYTHING! <G>

And besides, I'm still one of those humans who still is not convinced
that we are our bodies.

"I've been all around this flat old earth and I still ain't got it
sussed...I guess I'll watch the universe run circles around us."

That's Why People Fall in Love
---Thomas Dolby