Global Marketing Group

Rick Knight (
Tue, 09 Sep 97 10:26:05 CST


Has anyone become familiar with this association? They are into
dispensing information (at a cost) in a direct marketing motif to
educate people on the Federal Reserve Bank, offshore/foreign
investing, common law, reducing/eliminating taxes, what the US
Constitution means to "YOU", etc. The claim is there is substantial
money-making power in the information they have to offer and there
seems to be an anarchist feel to it (which I find somewhat

I have more research to do on it but I do have a sense of trust in the
person that introduced me to the concept. The fellow leading the
organization is Keith Anderson and they have all their seminars in the
Caribbean or Mexico. It costs $1250 to get their first 12 hours of
audiotapes of information.

A while back there was a thread here about making money in offshore
investing. Any connection between those posts and this organization?