Re: [Pigdog] CNET is pissing me off again...

Abraham Moses Genen (
Sun, 7 Sep 1997 21:04:00 -0400

Abraham Moses Genen
Being dedicated to the future progress of humankind
should be the prime concern of all civilized beings.
Dear Sunah and other fellow Extropians:
>From what I've read, and from my discussions with people who are far more
familiar with the complexities of human behavior than I am, what you seem
to be complaining about is nothing more than your frustration in dealing
with your perception of our many human inadequacies.
We sometimes feel frustrated because we have not yet found a way of
expressing ourselves in a manner that some of our contemporaries can
Essentially, we may be annoyed at our own limitations as much as, or more
than, what we perceive to be the the intellectual, emotional, educational,
social or cultural limitations of others. Our initial reaction to this
frustration is frequently anger. If we are capable of understanding the
roots of this emotional response and can transcend our emotions and
achieve reason and logic, our cognitive skills will, hopefully, take the
forefront and help us achieve wisdom.
I suspect that to some degree we all want to evolve beyond our present
limitations and our frustrations.
Is that not a purpose of the Extropian philosophy?
From: Sunah Caroline Cherwin <>
Subject: Re: [Pigdog] CNET is pissing me off again...
Date: Sunday, September 07, 1997 5:15 PM

OK, here's the thing. There is one big thing that is happening around me
all the time that I just don't relate to. Why do people get pissed off at
other people for being stupid or illogical or wrong? I can see, if you
them, wanting to help them out, or if you have a pet theory they disagree
with wanting to take your theory out for a spin, or if they are hurting
your business, suing them, but I just can't see being upset about other
people's opinions. Does anyone want to explain this?