Re: Fuel Cells et al (gas go boom?)

Abraham Moses Genen (
Sun, 7 Sep 1997 21:13:43 -0400

Abraham Moses Genen
Being dedicated to the future progress of humankind
should be the prime concern of all civilized beings.
Dear Mark and other fellow Extropians:
In the best of all possible worlds, the government that is supposed to
represent us (but only if we make sure it does) will develop interactive
policies designed to prevent the excesses that can and do occur in a
totally uncontrolled marketplace.
Rules are not conceived out of a clear blue sky. They are the work of many
thoughful -- and a few not so thoughtful -- individuals who take the many
contingencies in the interactions produced by advances in our technologies
into account in the preparation for such changes.
Some things are a bit more complex than we would like to think (or feel)
they are.
From: Mark Grant <>
Subject: Re: Fuel Cells et al (gas go boom?)
Date: Sunday, September 07, 1997 6:40 PM

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Hagbard Celine wrote:

> There are competing interests involved here: shareholders and
> corporations. Shareholders are individuals interested in making money as
> quickly as possible while corporations are entities interested in their
> own
> long-term viability.

You left out government... corporations can't invest sensibly for the long
term if the government can come along at any moment and change the rules.


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