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Abraham Moses Genen
Being dedicated to the future progress of humankind
should be the prime concern of all civilized beings.
Dear EvMick and other fellow Extropians:
One of our other correspondents complained that most people were unable or
unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions -- or inactions -- in
working for representative government.
If those we elect become corrupt than we must blame ourselves for
permitting conditions to occur which encourages corruption. Our options
are to remove those who become corrupt and fail to represent us
adequately, and correct the defects in the system that allows and/or
provides the environment for corruption.
For those who complain that too many of us do not vote and claim in
defense that their vote has no effect on the system, I say that every vote
has an effect whether our candidates win or loose.
It might be interesting to consider some sort of proportional
representation system.
The United States and Great Britian seem to be the only major nations left
that have not yet adopted such a plan.
Possibly, that plus major campaign reform and public financing might
eliminate some of our administrative democratic problems?

Subject: Re: Accepting responsibility .
Date: Sunday, September 07, 1997 3:20 PM

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<< As to placing responsibility, the responsibility is all ours -
individually and collectively.
Don't blame the politicians as much as you blame yourself for choosing to
give them the power and authority that they can either use productively
for the benefit of society or abuse to society's detriment. >>
Interesting...I engaged in a "diatribe" against these very same and was
called a "ignorant ideolouge"...

And I didn't vote for ANY winners in recent years...although I did
as the non investigations into acknowledged voter fraud in Louisana and
California proves...the system is's all corrupt.

Waterloo, Iowa

"are politicians stupid? or merely evil..."