Re: Accepting responsibility .

Anton Sherwood (
Mon, 8 Sep 1997 18:21:42 -0700

Abraham Moses Genen writes
: If those we elect become corrupt than we must blame ourselves for
: permitting conditions to occur which encourages corruption. Our options
: are to remove those who become corrupt and fail to represent us
: adequately, and correct the defects in the system that allows and/or
: provides the environment for corruption.

When we talk about the defects inherent in collective government,
someone always says "This is a democracy, you can work within
the existing system."

: For those who complain that too many of us do not vote and claim in
: defense that their vote has no effect on the system, I say that every
: vote has an effect whether our candidates win or loose.

Yeah. If I had cast a vote against financing the 49ers' new stadium,
the mayor would have had to forge one more ballot in favor.

: It might be interesting to consider some sort of proportional
: representation system. ...

Yes indeedy. I heard that some major US cities adopted PR in
the Twenties, and then dropped it like a hot potato because it
let a Communist get elected here and there.

: Possibly, that plus major campaign reform and public financing might
: eliminate some of our administrative democratic problems?

Give the incumbents *more* control over elections?!

Here's major campaign reform: Get the govt out of the nomination game.
Deregulate the primaries. Print no names on the ballot (making
all votes write-ins).

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