Re: "Uploading" w/o Uploading

Anders Sandberg (
05 Sep 1997 10:33:59 +0200

Hara Ra <> writes:

> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > Yes, it has already been discussed (great minds often think alike),
> > it is commonly called gradual uploading. Many of us think this is the
> > most likely form of uploading (although getting rid of the biological
> > core might be trickier than we think)
> I for one disagree. First cryosuspend the brain, then nanodisassemble it
> and get the brain architecture, use that for the upload setup, then
> start the upload. Avoids the disturbances of being partially uploaded.

Yes, that might work, but it requires mature nanotech and neuroscience,
while getting more and more digital enhancements only requires gradual
advances in computer science, HCI and (later) brain-computer interfaces.
It is the low-tech road, and it is usable long before we get to the
technology needed for "real" uploading (it works today). If it turns
out that uploading becomes possible in time, then it might be reasonable
to upload one's bioself and then continue, but it would be pointless
to wait for uploading instead of using the available intelligence
enhancement tools.

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