Re: "Uploading" w/o Uploading

Hara Ra (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 00:02:05 -0700 wrote:
> > I for one disagree. First cryosuspend the brain, then nanodisassemble it
> > and get the brain architecture, use that for the upload setup, then
> > start the upload. Avoids the disturbances of being partially uploaded.
> It may well turn out that consciousness cannot be preserved in this way.
> And I'll just presume that you would rather be
> alive than have something that thinks it's you fooling all your friends.
> This, of course, brings up points that have had no end of discussion on this
> list.

Ah, how vitalism is persistent! I am of the view that consciousness is
mostly about self reference combined with some confabulation which
creates the illusion of consistency of memory and will automatically
reboot when the correct conditions are present. As I recall, I just did
the same thing this morning when I woke up. And no, let's not start
another thread on all this....

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