Re: Should I clone myself?

Anders Sandberg (
30 Aug 1997 17:18:53 +0200

"Kris Ganjam" <> writes:

> In my plans for immortality, I am trying to assess the viablilty of brain
> transplantation.

My guess is that to make brain transplantation safe enough to be considered
would require technology so advanced that other forms of life extension
might be viable. But cutting off heads and keeping them alive sounds
reasonable (!).

> All a brain really needs to keep functioning is a good blood supply?

I would claim it needs constant input to remain viable. Sensory deprivation
is rather destabilizing, and without any signals from the outside the
sensory nerves and cortex will start to atrophy. After 50 years, there
would not be much left of you.

> OK, so assuming the the medical technique is practical, what will it take to
> get my son to agree to the surgery? We would be family, but a monetary
> incentive might be necessary.

Maybe you could found a religion and convince him that keeping daddys head
alive was ordained by God? ;-)

> Screw ethics when its my longevity at stake.

I understand how you feel, but you better take the reactions of other
people into account. They can be more helpful or dangerous than anything

> Anybody know of any good cloning labs?

You don't need much technology to do cloning, just an ordinary IVF
lab with some expertise in cell culturing.

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