Should I clone myself?

Kris Ganjam (
Fri, 29 Aug 1997 19:51:24 -0500

In my plans for immortality, I am trying to assess the viablilty of brain
transplantation. Within a few months, if not already, I will be able to make
clones of myself from, say, an epithelial cell. I can pay some, or many women
in any of many nations to bear and rear my son(s). In 20 years, when I am
dying of cancer, or some new disorder which hasn't yet been cured, will I be
any better off? Even in the best scenario, where a universal nanomachine has
been constructed, disease mechanisms and pathways will not be elucidated
overnight. Cures will likely require a great deal of NP protein conformational
analysis & simulation, which even MP nanocomputers will hardly speed up.
Uploading has the same problem with the research time required to figure out
what makes a neuron tick. Cryogenics is an iffy procedure where information is
lost in the process (it might be in a slightly better state 20 years from now).
But, say I were able to track down one of those 20 year old clones growing up
in South America.
All a brain really needs to keep functioning is a good blood supply? Surely
it is within today's surgical technique to be able to route a few of my son's
arteries to those going to my brain? Nerve grafts don't sound as easy, but
really aren't necessary. I would be willing to keep my brain activity going,
albeit in some monstous pit of hell without senses, to be able to hold out
another 50 years until a cure for my disease or a new host can be found. I
imagine it as a sort of Zaphod-Beeblebrox arrangement, but my head would
probably be hanging limp while my son's head appeared normal. As long as I
wasn't dying from a brain disease, my son's blood, et al should keep me alive
without worries of rejection, etc. Although, might my cancer be contagious to
a clone?
OK, so assuming the the medical technique is practical, what will it take to
get my son to agree to the surgery? We would be family, but a monetary
incentive might be necessary. What about the legal issues involved here? What
would be a good nation for my son to have citizenship in? (yes,
diversification would be a good idea). What about if I made a clone of myself,
made it sign a contract, then gave it a lobotomy so it couldn't back out?
Screw ethics when its my longevity at stake.
Anybody know of any good cloning labs?


Kris Ganjam Advanced Technology Center