Re: "Uploading" w/o Uploading

Anders Sandberg (
30 Aug 1997 17:13:32 +0200 writes:

> I wouldn't be surprised if this has already been discussed, but...
> All I've heard and read of uploading concentrates on taking an intact
> brain and "reading it" to another substarate, a non-trivial task by any
> measure. Instead of this approach, how about using a biological brain
> as a scaffolding upon which to build an "uploaded" personna. After
> extensive and successive augmentation, the grey matter will matter less
> and less. The personna of such a being will begin to spred out of the skull
> and into the hardware/software, so eventually the wet stuff will not
> do anything that isn't done by the hardware/sotfware. Take that brain to
> the recycle bin-- or what the hell, sell it! Maybe use it as the seed for
> another version of you... What would you do with your brain if you no
> longer needed it?

Yes, it has already been discussed (great minds often think alike),
it is commonly called gradual uploading. Many of us think this is the
most likely form of uploading (although getting rid of the biological
core might be trickier than we think), and it also nicely solves the
AI vs. human problem - artificial intelligences will rule the world,
and we will be a part of them.

> Uploading from this approach can for many of us can be considered to
> already be underway.

Very true. I have noted that I'm slightly less intelligent and efficient
if I don't have access to my website, my search engines, remembrance
agents, editors and files...

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