Goo color (was Should I clone myself?)

Anders Sandberg (
30 Aug 1997 14:30:41 +0200

Damien Broderick <> writes:

> And while I'm being sanctimonious, preachy and politically correct, I
> suppose I might as well add that I detest the suggestion that evil,
> rampaging, mother-fucking nanites should henceforth be coded as `black
> goo'. Are people here *really* so deaf to the coded and offensive
> implications? Here's an alternative - I know it's not as neat as
> spectrum-coding, but what about `war goo'? Uber-goo is not a colour, after
> all...

Actually, "black goo" is not accepted usage. Grey goo is the common term
for nasty out-of control nanites, and the names red goo (for deliberately
designed goo), green goo ("cleanse the planet"-goo for militant greens)
and khaki goo (military goo) has been suggested as names for aggressive
applications of nanotech.

(Then there is golden goo, accidentally dangerous nanites intended for
wealth production and blue goo, police nanites acting against the
other kind).

So there is no need to be preachy or use the term black goo.

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