Government at war with citizens
Tue, 26 Aug 97 18:09:26 0

EvMick wrote:

>And it goes on and on and on and on....I drive a I may
>mentioned...and I travel the 48 states and parts of Canada...I listen
>radio a lot...during my travels I hear this kinda stuff
>repeatedly....only I
>hear about a lot more than makes the national that case
>in Ohio
>where the BATF broke in..caused injury to the wife such that she
>aborted...then left...sorry...wrong house. Or the other "Waco" that
>in Ohio...several national news coverage.

Media monopoly seems to be a global phenomena.

The avenue of practical response seems to be:
Intelligent use of the internet - Are there any with a journalist bent
interested in compiling a factual, growing database of these kind of
events that the nation states don't want people to know about? Noam
Chomsky has been doing this for years in publishing and film making.

The internet is the only medium not broadcast from central, it comes
from everywhere. It transcends national borders until a government
(like Singapore for example) decides it best to restrict its peoples
access to the medium. This list is an example of the propogating of
idea's and information normally not available to the serfs.

If a global network of people willing to provide information on their
governments or corporate activities and able to back up their
reportage with evidence (PICTURES) were established; we wouldn't have
to wait for the media and it's owners to decide what news is fit to
print. As this is possible to achieve right now, we don't have anyone
else to blame but ourselves. What better way to maintain journalists
standards than by setting up a strong alternative medium? How could
any government with a preference for freedom of speech possibly

There are already existing several organisations providing stories and
swapping videotapes around the world.

Given the prevelance of conspiracy theories, libel hungry lawyers and
those on vendetta's some sort of scale could be introduced to indicate
the reputability of the source. Decentralisation of editorial control
is essential, however, and not at all impossible, given the right
structure to such a database.

If such an entity already exists, can someone please tell me? It needs
better advertising to be effective anyway.

Think about it. It just takes a little organisation and involvement.