Re: AMG, statism, fuzzy thinking, etc.

Julio R. Vaquer (
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 23:47:27 -0700

Perry E. Metzger wrote:

> The world is a big, dark cold place full of statists, deathists,
> Rifkinites, etc. Every day, all of us do battle with that world, in
> greater or lesser ways. Every once in a while, its nice to kick off
> the shoes and have some intelligent discussion with people who
> basically agree with you.

Is there a mailing list or other forum just for extropians? Perry's
words reflect my sentiments. I still remember my first day on the
extropian newsgroup: I had finally found my philosophy etched (typed)
by the hands of another. But it soon became obvious that the newsgroup
was cluttered by coercivists and stagnantites (too blind or fearful of
our self-improvement). I asked if there was a more extropian forum and
was led to this mailing list.
The mailing list is a vast improvement over the newsgroup but, with
the combination of increased traffic on the list and less leisure time
on my hands, I find myself yearning for a more focused forum.
The difficulty (for me) is in trying to avoid the standard "freedom is
wrong/impossible" arguments generated by statists while still being sure
that I am receiving all the worthy postings. Obviously this is very
I guess I am not saying anything new here but if there is another
forum, I'd would appreciate receiving info on it. If not, I'll just
continue on this list.

Julio R. Vaquer