Re: Goo prophylaxis (was: Hanson antiproliferation method?)
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 16:10:49 -0400 (EDT)

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky <> wrote:

> "Who will guard the guardians?" - maybe nanotechnology would give us a
> lie detector. Nanotechnology in everyone's hands would be just like
> every single human a complete set of "launch" buttons for the world's
> weapons. Like it or not, nanotechnology cannot be widely and freely
> distributed or it will end in holocaust. Nanotechnology will be
controlled by
> a single entity or a small group... just as nuclear weapons are today.

I have to disagree, I see the exact opposite. Putting destructive technology
in the hands of one person is asking for holocaust, putting it in the hands
of the masses is our *only* chance of survival.

> If that entity is benevolent and Libertarian, utility nanites would be
> released as they were programmed - to eliminate hunger, starvation, old
> death, etc. The world would remain much the same, except most forms of
> physically based pain and coercion would be eliminated. Other utilities
> be more flexible. No utility will give access to the forbidden molecular
> level, but many might give access to higher levels. People might be able
> edit their synapses or their tissue-level body structure. (The former
> scenario might result in Singularity in fairly short order.)

Hmmm.. that or the possible chance of death.. death please!

Isn't spontaneous order an extropian principle?