Re: extropian kids (opinions from a non-parent)
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 18:22:29 -0400 (EDT)

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<< Didn't someone post some research results to the list a year or two ago
showing that children who spend time with adults generally do better than
those who spend their time with other kids? This wouldn't seem terribly
surprising, since adults tend to know a lot more than kids. Worked for me,
anyway. >>

Now there's a thought...why is it important for kids to learn to deal with
kids AS kids? Shortly they will no longer BE kids...a useless skill...better
to jumpstart learning the skills necessary to deal with adults...a lifelong
skill requirement. Or deal with kids from the adult perspective...parenting.

Thus falls the myth that Home Schooled kids need to interact with others of
their age group. Better to be helping out in the family business.

Say! Don't certain despised minority groups do that very thing? (despised
because of their great success by the LESS successful).

I'm not sure society is ready for such a concept. No juvenile
gangs....vandalism..juvenile delenquency...public schools..

Just look at how many people stand to loose their jobs!!! (Cops..Social
Workers...almost the entirety of the "education" hierarchy...The biggest part
of the Judicial System...the prison system...myriads of support personnel
needed to administrate the vast beauracy ...the IRS.....the mind boggles.

Best just be quiet about the matter....and pack little Johnny away to
daycare..then kindegarten...then elementary school...then Jr. Hi....then High can see him on the in the knowledge that
civilization as we know it has been saved.

Aiken SC

Still don't actually.