Re: extropian kids (opinions from a non-parent)

Kathryn Aegis (
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 20:59:54 +0000

Mark Grant:
>As I said, most people who hold this belief seem caught up in the myth of
>"childhood innocence".

I don't make statements of belief on this list, and I never trade in
myth. My post was based on the basic textbook theory found in the
fields of childhood psychology, early socialization theory, and group
dynamics. The literature in these fields gives short shrift to the
subjective concept of "innocence".

>You seem to be under the impression that kids are
>somehow rational, civilised people with whom you can "negotiate
>disputes", and ignore the rather obvious fact that most kids are far more
>vicious and irrational than most adults.

Again, I am sorry for your bad experiences as a child, and I think
that most of us can share the same type of story. I do not, however,
equate that experience with general childhood disputes. The learning
of basic negotiation skills is a vital component to any child's
development, to the extent that most childhood development books will
devote at least a chapter to it. As for your 'obvious fact' above, I
would ask that you provide some definite support for that statement,
outside of your personal experience, in order to consider it a
general truism.

Kathryn Aegis