Re: Re: Extropy in the personal sphere

Kennita Watson (
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 08:52:40 -0700

Anton writes:
>I may not have mentioned recently -
>I took Prozac during most of 1996. In November, I found that I had
>gained thirty pounds (two stone, for those of you overseas), and
>decided to take my chances with depression rather than continue that
>trend; I stopped taking my pills. And I haven't had a severe attack

All antidepressants are not created equal. Even all SSRIs are not
created equal. When I found the right one, I had more energy as well
as a greater sense of well-being. Adding DHEA (for me) also helped.
I started taking them not because I was severely depressed, but because
I felt my mind wasn't working as well as I thought it should.

Not being depressed is only halfway (or less) to the goal.

BTW -- I recently took a follow-up set of cognitive tests (first set taken
about 8 months ago, when I'd just started on antidepressants), and it seems
that on the cocktail of supplements that my doctor has prescribed, my
mental functioning has improved more than can be accounted for by
practice effects.


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