Re: Environmentalist Genocide Conspiracy

Dan Clemmensen (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 18:32:55 -0400

JD wrote:
[a very long rant, all snipped]

1) yes, nuclear energy is generally safer per
kilowatt-hour generated thatn any other form of energy.
So what? You are not going to be able to convince the
public, because teh public cannot de-couple nuclear
energy from nuclear war. In fact, the largest
danger posed by a nuclear power plant is that it
might get blown up by a nuclear weapon during
a nuclear war or nuclear terrorist incident: these
are the only credible massive release incidents for
a modern (western) nuclear power plant.

No, the DDT ban was not a conspiracy. DDT really was
killing predatory birds, including raptors and
fish-eaters such as pelicans. Yes, Malaria is
in the rise, but DDT had already lost most of its

No, C02-driven global warming is not a conspiracy,
The evidence is subject to interpretation, but the
free-enterprise peiple are rather more guilty of
selective interpretation than on this one than are
the "eco-genocide conspritors." Of course, nuclear
power is the only reasonable way out ot this mess,
but see poitn1 above.

These are all personal opionions base on extensive
reading in the scientific press over the last 20
years. I do not intend to debate them in this forum
unless there are direct extropian reasons to do so.