Environmentalist Genocide Conspiracy

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Mark Scott had an interesting guest on his Detroit radio talk show
yesterday, Professor Arthur Robinson, editor of the pro-science,
pro-technology, pro-free enterprise newsletter, Access to Energy.
replaced Czech escapee from communism Professor Petr Beckman when
died of cancer some years ago.

Professor Robinson presented powerful evidence that the Establishment
funded Foudations and Think Tanks have had genocidal programs
in place for several decades via their support for environmentalist
policies and will achieve dramatically higher death rates world-wide as
soon as the CO-2 treaty is implemented. The Senate is slated to approve

the treaty in December of this year.

Prof. Robinson reminded the audience that malaria was almost eliminated
when DDT was banned through international treaty several decades ago.
10% of the world's population has the disease and 3-4 million people die

each year from the disease. 100's of millions are made miserable.
Robinson made careful studies of the raw data on which the decision was
made. Contrary to the high paid talking heads of the EPA, there was no
evidence of ecological dangers from DDT. The EPA chief Russell Train
supported the DDT ban in spite of the recommendations of his top

Similarly, Prof. Robinson's review of the government's raw data
global warming and ozone depletion indicate that these too are
dangers concocted solely for the purpose decreasing world population
through subtle genocide. Robinson mention that, at a recent Gorbachev
Foundation meeting of environmentalist heavy hitters, the audience
applauded uncontrollably when a speaker suggested reducing the planet's
population by 90%!

Prof. Robinson reminded the audience that everything humans need from
housing to food to education to transportaion to medicine etc etc has a
certain amount of energy associated with it. Regulation CO-2 emmissions

will reduce the amount of energy available per person in the world.
Reducing the amount of energy available will kill people, especially in
under-developed countries already starved for energy. However, the
and effect relationship will not be readily apparent and the genocidal
Establishment will get away with it unless enough Amercans can be
to these realities in time to stop Senate ratification of the CO-2

Currently, the Senate debate centers on whether the US should sign the
treaty before India and China agree to sign it.....Prof. Robinson wants
shift the debate to genocide vs. freedom and prosperity.

Access to Energy does not appear to be on the www except for the

Access to Energy Info: http://www.oism.org/ate.htm

Oregon Institute of Science and Technology

Access to Energy

Access to Energy Newsletter - Plus

Following is an introduction to the Access to Energy Newsletter:

Within days of the Chernobyl accident we warned our 6,000 readers:


My name is Art Robinson. I am Professor of Chemistry at the Oregon
Institute of Science and Medicine, and I publish a pro-science,
pro-technology, pro-free enterprise monthly newsletter, Access to
which in September 1993 began its twenty first year. Access to Energy
founded by Professor Petr Beckmann in 1973 and published by him until
death in 1993.

As for those 63,000 gallons, our readers know why they are safe. We
ask them to trust and parrot us, we ask them to think.

In this case, we told them how much radioactive iodine 131 is given to a

healthy patient in a thyroid check: up to 90 microcuries (a cancer
is given much more). And we reported the maximum measured activity in
rainwater washing out Chernobyl’s iodine over the US: 0.00036
per liter. There is about 4 liters to the gallon; hence 63,000 gallons
"contaminated" rain water "full of fallout" will give you as much
radioactive iodine as you get when you have your thyroid checked.

Does that tiny grain of knowledge make you feel good?

It should, because America's news media and largest periodicals don't
it. They work by the T&P (trust and parrot) method. They may differ in
to trust and parrot; but they share a common inability to evaluate. They

will find two opposing viewpoints and manufacture a ‘‘controversy; "for
they think objectivity lies halfway between the truth and a lie" (or
between two lies).

In the Three Mile Island episode, Access to Energy pointed out at the
that the accident would cost more than one life per week: not from any
radiation, but in the fuel cycle of the substitute power, mostly
coal-fired, that had to be brought in to replace the safer and healthier

way of generating electric power - nuclear power.

In the Chernobyl accident, too, we pointed out that in its short life of
months, Chernobyl Unit 4 saved more lives from coal-fired pollution than
took, or will ever take, by radiation. And we gave the reasons why the
Soviets will not even bother to dilute contaminated wheat with grain
elsewhere. "A little cesium and strontium will give the Russians a more
varied diet; for like Markey, Solarz, Schroeder and the other
breast beaters in Congress, the Soviets care only about visible deaths."

But Access to Energy is not just about nuclear energy (which is merely a

very blatant target of superstition mongering). It is about the truth
how to arrive at it in scientific fields.

Access to Energy readers know now, as others will find out in years to
come, why the Ozone Depletion panic is little more than a hoax: they
why the layers in the high atmosphere are self-healing, why chlorine
reaching the stratosphere is unlikely to come from manmade sources, why
such chemically induced changes are laughably small compared with the
layer's natural variations with latitude and season, and why the "ozone
hole" (a partial reduction of ozone concentration for 6 weeks in the
antarctic fall) is more pronounced in the Antarctic, far from most CFC
consumers, than in the Arctic, which is much closer to the bulk of the
world's industry. The world's industry produces some 750,000 tons of
chlorine in CFCs per year. The volcano Mt. Erebus (have you ever heard
it? and why not?) in the Antarctic (Ross island, Ross Sea) puts out
tons of chlorine every day.

Access to Energy readers also know more about Global Warming than those
gobble up the media bunk. Yes, the carbon dioxide content of the
is increasing. But readers know that the link between CO2 and global
temperature is flatly contradicted by the historic record. They know why

the world data claiming a temperature increase over the past 150 years
inaccurate, why renowned climatologists (whom you never see on the TV
screen) believe the average temperature has not changed, and that it has

decreased over the last decade.

Our readers know about rival theories to the greenhouse. And they know
if the greenhouse theory were correct in spite of its poor experimental
record, higher temperatures would lead to more evaporation, more clouds,

and less solar energy influx, and hence to a cooling of the atmosphere
before equilibrium is re-established. To those who fret that we have no
right to wait until we know all the data, and that we should start with
countermeasures to the imminent threat now, Access to Energy readers
reply, "the threat of warming or of cooling?"

In all other cases of irrational panic, Access to Energy gives reasons,
parroted hunches, for its conclusions; and it tells you where you can
them independently. If you think these reasons are unimportant compared
with the political need of distributing research grants and humoring the

sham environmentalists, support the efforts of the EPA and the State
Department to ban "ozone-destroying" chemicals. If you think
can be taxed without passing the tax to the consumer, join Ralph Nader
soaking the rich.

If you are looking for somebody to trust and parrot, get your opinions
ready-made from the network newscasters and newspaper analysts, who are
mostly trusting and parroting each other.

But if you want to form an opinion by rational conclusion from measured
data, subscribe to Access to Energy.

Access to Energy is a pro-science, pro-technology, pro-free enterprise
monthly newsletter packed with information and comment on science,
technology and energy - and on those who would restrict your access to
It gives you answers based on facts with which to dispel myths. Access
Energy is now in its 21st year. Well before the Arab oil embargo in
Access to Energy pointed out the folly of having US energy sources
controlled by medieval sheikdoms.

In 1980, amidst Carter's confusion about the "energy crisis," it
on the coming oil glut.

Access to Energy was the only voice in the country pointing to the dead
Three Mile Island: for six years, one person a week was dying from the
effects of the substitute power that had to be brought in to replace the

far safer power from nuclear reactors. Access to Energy explains the
nature of nuclear wastes: minute in quantity, temporary in toxicity (in
years they are less toxic than the coal ash from the same delivered
electric energy), the first type of waste completely removable from the
biosphere, they are a revolution in public health. Fossil-fired wastes
amount to an annual one billion tons, and some of these wastes are
of in people's lungs.

The radioactive dangers of energy conservation via high levels radon gas

(see below for the benefits of low levels) have only in the last few
been given publicity by the media and the government. Access to Energy
been writing about them since 1980. Access to Energy explains why
cannot make food radioactive. It is safer than other types of food

Access to Energy defends science against superstition outside energy,
It explains why today's genetic engineering takes far smaller risks than

when, millennia ago, grass was ‘‘engineered’’ into wheat. Ozone layer?
Greenhouse? EMFs from power lines and video terminals? In short, get
to Energy, the UNbrainwash.

Access to Energy is fiercely independent: it takes no advertising, no
subsidies, no dips into taxpayers’ money. It doesn't theorize about the
free market: it practices it.

Access to Energy costs only $35 for 12 monthly issues. Why so little,
the others cost $95 and even more? Because Access to Energy's renewal
consistently month after month, is 80% or more. (Yes, eighty!) It gets
of its publicity free and unsolicited: it is mentioned and recommended
national journals (Commentary, National Review, Conservative Digest,
Reason, American Spectator, Policy Review, and others), by famous
scientists and well known congressmen - but above all, by its readers.

To: Access to Energy, Box 1250, Cave Junction, OR 97523

Enter my subscription to Access to Energy. Personal check or cash:

Inidivduals $35.

Corporations $60.

Tax-subsidized organizations $150.

Individuals in Canada $37.

Overseas (by air mail only) $40.

Organizations $60.

Checks in US$, drawn on a US bank only.

Please enter my subscription as follows:

Name ______________________________________

Address ______________________________________



Access to Energy PLUS

During the past ten months Access to Energy has published detailed
giving the evidence that:

- Carbon dioxide is not only not warming up the earth's atmosphere, it
causing explosive increases in the numbers of plants and animals. Carbon

dioxide release is the most beneficial effect that man has ever had upon

the plant and animal environment. Did you know, for example, that the
of trees in the United States has already increased more than 25% and,
during the next century, is going to double as a result of carbon

- The recent ozone scare over Toronto was caused by unprofessional
interpretation of the effects of a volcanic eruption and had nothing
whatever to do with CFC emissions. We call this sort of misinformation
"cargo cult science." Armed with the facts in our January 1994 issue,
will understand unscrupulous politicians who are forcing the American
people to spend hundreds of billions of dollars in an entirely
ban of CFCs like freon.

- Radon and other sources of low level radiation actually decrease your
risk of cancer. This reduction can be as great as the increase from
cigarette smoking. Current Environmental Protection Agency attempts to
lower radon levels in homes may, if successful, actually cause as many
75,000 American lung cancer deaths.

- Revolutionary safer and more productive methods of power generation by

nuclear fission can be developed. The October and December 1993 issues
Access to Energy contain articles by Edward Teller and by Sam Cohen
describing two of these methods.

- The Clinton medical plan is nothing less than, as we call it, "The
Euthanasia Act of 1994." The November 1993 Access to Energy tells why
Wall Street Journal recently said of this plan, "Our advice is, keep a
grip on your wallet, and if anything like the Clinton plan ever passes,
don't get sick."

Each issue of Access to Energy contains new information with complete
references to scientific literature. We seldom repeat ourselves. If you
want the full story on these recent and timely articles in Access to
Energy, we will send you:

•All ten of these information-packed recent issues of Access to Energy

September 1993 through June 1994. •A full one-year subscription to the
12 issues of Access to Energy. •A 16 page summary report entitled
Lies." •AND a 90 minute audio tape in which the experts, whose
publications have recently been quoted in Access to Energy, discuss the
dangers of compliance with recent EPA edicts about radon and evaluate
evidence that low level radiation (yes, even the kind the EPA wants put
radioactive waste dumps) may actually be beneficial to your health.

In order to receive this package of ten recent issues, a one year subscription, the report, and the audio tape, please send $79 to:

Access to Energy, PO Box 1250, Cave Junction, OR 97523 or, if you prefer, call 800-552-3438 to place a credit card order. Please ask for Access to

Energy Plus.

Please send Access to Energy PLUS to:

Name ________________________________________

Address ________________________________________

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