Re: EXTRO-3: Comments from Darren

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 17:50:50 -0700 (PDT)

> I don't understand why I am now reading comments on this list
> implying that I did something impolitic by not having been in the
> room when someone brought up my name.

No one questioned your right to be absent; you were simply missed.
While those of us who were in the room had to stay awake though
half an hour or more of Sharon Presley's fact-free and imagination-
free egalitarian drivel, I know I wasn't the only one in the room
longing for comments from someone actually capable of independent
thinking on the matter, such as you. It is indeed unusual for a
panelist in such a discussion to call upon an audience member by
name (it happened two other times at E3 if I remember), but I for
one could feel the starvation for intellectual stimulation in the
room during that panel, and would have welcomed anyone with ideas,
even bad ones.

The only entertaining pieces of that hour were Max and Natasha, who
talked about rewiring orgasms to activities other than sex (Max said
he'd like to get off on writing--literally), and having genitals
designed by artists (too bad M.C.Escher is dead--I'd like to rise
indefinitely like one of his staircases).

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