Re: My Crazy Idea

Dan Clemmensen (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 20:40:14 -0400 wrote:
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> << >If this variant of superstring theory is correct, then matter really
> >is (9+1)-dimensional, not (3+)-dimensional, and is therefore has
> >finite "thickness" in the other dimensions. >>
> I also heard that, about the 10 dimensions. When the universe sprang forth
> it was split into 4 and 6 dimensions. But Ive heard other things too, like
> infinite dimensions, and other numbers, like 8, relating to the circuits in
> our brain (Leary's model).
> danny

Yes, for a while there the cosomlogists and the TOE guys were
coming up with a theory a week or beter, and each one seemed
to have its own pet number of dimensions. These mathematical
models have essentially no relationship to Leary's model, which
IMO is mystical, not mathematical, and is therefore beyond the
bounds of science. I recall a review in Science magazine within
the last six months. The review atempted to categorize the various