Re: Galaxy brain problem

Darren Reynolds (
Sat, 16 Aug 1997 21:41:26 +0100

At 19:01 14/08/97 +0200, Anders Sandberg helped us out with our mathematics:

>In the long run, when t->infinity, W1 goes to kN/(lp^2) and W2 to
>2kN/lp; for p<1/2 (which is the likely scenario, nobody uses
>devices which fails more often than not) system 1 is more valuable
>than system 2. Error correction is apparently worth its price.

I know zip about math, and this raises more questions than I can clearly

Implicit in your stuff is the suggestion that as the probability of failure
grows, the importance of a backup gets less ... odd! ("for p<1/2 system 1
is more valuable" implies that for p>1/2, system 2 may be more valuable!)

Did I misunderstand you?

Thanks enormously for the help with the math and the subsequent addendum!