Re: Subject: RE: quibble

Sarah Marr (
Sat, 16 Aug 1997 08:39:06 +0100

At 04:57 16/08/97 BST-1, Tony Hollick wrote:

>> Men and women have normal penetrative sex whilst specifically preventing
>> reproduction, and I don't think that changes the nature of their
>> attraction in the slightest; it continues to find a basis in a mutual
>> desire for sex: that is, it remains sexual.
>To me, 'sexual' means 'making babies.' This activity subsumes many, many
>others, of course.

To most people, and most dictionaries, 'sexual' means 'of or concerning
sex'. And sex does not mean making babies. I find it hard to agree that
heterosexual people having penetrative intercourse without a condom are
engaging in sexual activity, whilst those having penetrative sex with a
condom are not. "Making babies" is a subset of sex, not vice-versa.


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