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Mlorton <> wrote:

> But wasn't the starting point of this conversation a case where a
> prosecutor was using SR laws to persecute a political opponent? A
> rebuttable presumption of an essentially unprovable characteristic
> ("maturity") means unpopular defendants are punished while popular ones
> go free. (Seattle Times): Search on 'LeTourneau'

>> Kids have rights, too.

> There's no right to have sex, though, God knows, I wish there were.
> 'Cause I'd be suing a *lot* of people.

You're confusing positive and negative rights... >:-} 'Power to do' and
'Freedom to do'.

>> The statute and the prosecution are unlawful and unconstitutional.
>> She should walk free from the Court on August 29. And we need every
>> good teacher we can get, especially looking at the poor shape the
>> world's in right now.

> It is not obvious to me that the statute is defective in any way.

So what would it take to convince you?

> As for her teaching skills, I would trust as a teacher anyone who
> displayed such egregiously poor judgement.

Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau's father (John G. Schmitz) opposed sex
education in schools too, as it happens.

> I mean, what did she *think* would happen?

Her husband Steve agreed to bring the kid up as part of their family. He'd
had a vasectomy, I'm told. His parents didn't like the isea of a
'mixed-race' (Samoan/American) child in the family, and she was confronted
with an 'abortion-or-prosecution' alternative. She rejected abortion: she
loves her baby.

Sooo... Steve's parents jump the gun and go to the _Child Protection Unit_
in Seattle (Wonder on whose advice?) and destroy her life and her family,
so that Steve and they will (they think) get custody, care and control of
the kids.

Just guess who's waiting for them in the so-called 'Child Protection Office'?

Republican Ron Maleng's Chief of Staff Dan Satterberg (and who else besides?)

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Subject: RE: quibble

Sarah Marr <> wrote:

>Tony Hollick (at least I _think_ it was he) wrote:

>>Sexual attraction can only properly apply to a reproductive context.

'Twas I! I plead guilty! >:-}

> A very Catholic viewpoint, I can't help thinking.

Well, I was baptized into the Anglican (Episcopalian to you!) Church. Me
and Cordwainer Smith too (Dr. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger) -- see his
incomparable short story, "The Game of Rat and Dragon" (GALAXY, [1955)).

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I was never Confirmed in the Anglican faith, because I could not give my
rational assent to the Nicene Creed of 325 C.E. Isaac Newton, many of
whose views I share, believed in the doctrines of Arius, declared
heretical by the Council of Nicea. Newton also believed that the Western
Empire ('LATHEINOZ') in Greek) was the work of the Devil, BTW.

More interestingly, Newton believed space to be the sensorium of God. The
sensorium is the space within which we imagine and visualize. God
imagines matter and forces in space and across time, not just pictures or
images. A Universe 'infinite in all directions' (anything else would be a
limitation on unlimited powers - a view shared by Cardinal Nicholas of
Cusa, who advanced precisely this view in @[1440], including the view that
there were other inhabited planets circling other stars...

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> Men and women have normal penetrative sex whilst specifically preventing
> reproduction, and I don't think that changes the nature of their
> attraction in the slightest; it continues to find a basis in a mutual
> desire for sex: that is, it remains sexual.

To me, 'sexual' means 'making babies.' This activity subsumes many, many
others, of course.


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> B e a u t y i s o n l y s i n d e e p.

Oh no she isn't! >:-} -T

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