Re: Freedom or death? (Was: Re [2]: Extropy in the personal

Darren Reynolds (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 21:52:23 +0100

At 12:02 11/08/97 -0700, Eric Watt Forste wrote:

>Children usually stick with the default choice of their parents
>as the right authority figures to listen to, but if the parents
>screw up too much and lose their kids respect... it's usually
>tragic, which is more important than the fact that it's also a
>knotty problem in moral philosophy. Children's rights is a
>gnarly area, intellectually. It depends entirely too much on
>experiences and data that few people can think about objectively
>and dispassionately.


As someone who will have to begin making these decisions in the very near
future, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

>... you're taking
>it way beyond my domain of expertise, since I'm over
>thirty and childless so far.

Even so, you don't claim to be a moral expert, and you have a sense of
humour, so tell me what you think.