Re: types of longterm memory

Darren Reynolds (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 21:57:25 +0100

At 17:38 13/08/97 +0200, Anders Sandberg wrote:
>> I feel my semantic memory is much better than my episodic memory.
>> (I cannot say about procedural memory, because I cannot easily
>> compare it with others'.) Am I unusual? Are these abilities
>> correlated?
>A good question. I actually don't know, but I guess semantic and
>episodic memory are likely correlated (procedural memory is likely
>less correlated, I have a very good semantic memory but an awful
>procedural memory). Some of the difference may be a difference in
>attention, but there might be other factors too. Are there any others
>will different memory preferences, like somebody who usually
>remembers scenes and experiences but not abstract facts?


Could you post a brief explanation and / or a link for those who weren't at
the conference? (And for those who made inadequate notes! :-| )