EXTRO 3: Feedback

Max More (maxmore@primenet.com)
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 13:42:56 -0700

Sorry to non-attendees for posting this to the List, but we didn't get back
as many feedback forms as I'd like. The more feedback the better I can
improve the conference. So please send this to me (not to the list which
would increase clutter) if you attended but didn't return the form.




Which sessions stood out for you as most stimulating? Why? (Content or
presentation or both?)

Which sessions interested you least? Why? (Content or presentation or both?)

Was the weekend of August 9-10 a good weekend to hold the conference? Would
the closest weekend in 1998 be a good time to hold EXTRO 4?

How could we improve the conference?

Can you suggest who might help fund the next conference?

If you enjoyed the conference, what amount can you pledge toward Extropy
Institute to help with the costs of the event and the Institute's next

Please return this form to more@extropy.org or mail to Extropy Institute,
13428 Maxella Avenue, #273, Marina del Rey, CA 90292.

Max More, Ph.D.
President, Extropy Institute: exi-info@extropy.org, http://www.extropy.org