Re: Re: [2] Freedom or death

den Otter (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 22:01:03 +0200

> Responding to:

> << Over time, I've learned to value free will over human life. No doubt,
> this is and will remain a controversial statement. >>
> Perhaps controversial...but:
> "Giver me liberty....or give me DEATH"
> "A society which values security over freedom....aquires neither"
> Similar
Um, no...
But how about this:
As long as you're alive there still is hope (that you will someday be free;
only constant is, after all, change. Maybe you can *free yourself* from
Also, being "unfree" doesn't *have* to mean that your live is miserable,
not worth living. Just look at kids: hardly any freedom, but quite capable
of having fun. More importantly: you (and the rest of us) are not free
*right now*
(biology, governments, gravity etc). Do you hate your life that much, and
the answer is "yes", then why haven't you killed yourself yet? Probably
you belief that we can make the future a better place...So, why wouldn't
keep this (dynamic) optimism when you actually get to that future?
There's always tomorrow...